Download Some Pre-Trained Neural Network Data

One nice feature of the neurosynchro model is that the data files representing a trained neural network are quite compact. Once a network has been trained for your particular problem space, it’s easy and quick to use it.

The tutorial sequence starting with Download a Sample Training Set describes how to obtain a training set and train the neural nets on your own machine. This step is essential in the (quite common) circumstance that you need a network whose parameter ranges are tuned to your particular application. But here, we’ll just download pre-trained neural network files.

All you need to do is download and unpack the bzipped tar archive rimphony_powerlaw_s5-5e7_p1.5-7_nndata.tar.bz2, which is archived on Zenodo under DOI 10.5281/zenodo.1341364. It’s about 160 kiB. This archive contains the data needed to do synchrotron radiative transfer if your particle distribution is a power-law in energy, isotropic in pitch angle, the power-law indices range between 1.5 and 7, and the relevant harmonic numbers are between 5 and 50,000,000.

Unpacking this archive will create a directory named rimphony_powerlaw_s5-5e7_p1.5-7. Remaining steps working from the terminal will assume that you’re working from inside this directory, e.g.:

$ cd rimphony_powerlaw_s5-5e7_p1.5-7

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